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Our Mission

SE-RAN delivers a defensive shield against the most sophisticated adversaries that Mission-Critical 5G Operators may encounter. It provides a comprehensive O-RAN compliant 5G-Native Application Protection Platform for monitoring and inline policy enforcement across mobile devices, base stations, and the cloud control plane.

Unique 5G Security Solution

We are focused on the development of in-depth runtime security management of Mission-Critical 5G mobile devices, base stations, and control planes.

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SE-RAN modular integration into the O-RAN Architecture

Use Cases of SE-RAN

5G-Spector detects devices under attack
5G-Spector detects malicious mobile devices that attack 5G base stations
5G-Spector can detect RF-based DoS attacks against 5G Networks
5G-Spector can detect device geo-tracking attacks
5G modular security component integration into O-RAN compliant mobile infrastructures
5G-Kubearmor integrated into the nRT-RIC Control Plane
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