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Our research team represents a unique multi-institutional partnership, between academia (OSU), nonprofit (SRI), and industry (Accuknox) provides deep cross-sector expertise in network security (particularly SDN and wireless network security), system security (including microservice security), program analysis (including firmware and malware reverse engineering), and applications of provenance-based dataflow analysis (especially for cyber-threat monitoring). The team has a history of tight-knit collaborations and currently participate in weekly meetings on diverse projects.

SRI Computer Science Lab
  Ashish Gehani
  Phillip Porras
  Vinod Yegneswaran
  Jenny McNeil

OSU Dept. of Computer Science
Zhiqiang Lin
  Haohuang Wen
  Hyunwoo  Lee
  Wenqiang Li

AccuKnox Inc.
Nat Natraj
  Rahul Jadav
  Raj Panchapakesan

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