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Nephio R2 Release Announcement

Nephio R2 Release introduces multiple feature enhancements and improvements in non-functional aspects. Nephio R2 Release further enhances its integration with Kubernetes-native design patterns to enable multi-cloud, multi-vendor, and multi-domain environments.

Some of the other key enhancements include:

  • Integration with OAI (OpenAirInterface) alongside free5gc as an alternative packet core option.

  • R2 Release enables RAN E2 nodes (CU-CP, CU-UP, and DU) support as part of OAI integration.

Formation of SIG-Security

  • As part of its efforts to ensure that Nephio is secure by design, the Nephio TSC formed a Security SIG that will overlook all aspects of Nephio security right from code, release, deployment, to runtime.

SE-RAN Team is focused on working closely with Nephio SIG-Security to enhance further the security model for Nephio and telco deployments in general.

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